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polish is my love szkoła języka poslkiego dla cudzoziemców

School of Polish Language for Foreigners

in Szczecin and Warsaw

Polish is my love ♥

If you are a foreigner who lives in Szczecin or in the vicinity and you want to learn Polish, you’ve just found a perfect school that can help you do it. We invite you to familiarize with our offer.

Enrollments are accepted throughout the whole year!

We offer Online Polish Lessons!


We start registration for new groups for beginners.

Morning group: Mondays and Thursdays from 9.00 to 10.30

Afternoon group: Classes will be held on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 17.45 to 19.15

We start 01.02.2022r.

Come and join us! , +48 502 649 505

About school

  • Do you want to learn Polish in order to communicate with the Poles?
  • Language barrier prevents you from finding a good job?
  • Are you dreaming of starting education in Poland?
  • Would you like to learn at your home? We also offer online lessons on a professional platform.

Polish is my love will enable you to make plans related to living in Poland come true.


The school offers courses of Polish language at all levels. The highest quality of teaching is ensured by a skilled and experienced team of specialists in Polish studies. Purchasing a course in Polish is my love, you can be sure that your teacher will be a Polish Philology graduate with a solid knowledge of grammar and vocabulary of contemporary Polish. Not only do our teachers have diploma degrees, but also hold certificates of linguistic PhD studies. High qualifications combined with experience and love for teaching Polish as a foreign language guaranties that no lesson in our school will be a waste of time.

Why us?

Wondering if you should choose our school? The advantages are as follows:

  • You can be sure that a Polish Philology graduate will teach you (not an English or German teacher who is a Pole),
  • Our teachers have long-term experience in teaching Polish as a foreign language,
  • We are a team of energetic, creative and friendly people.
  • We work in accordance with the latest trends in methodology of teaching Polish as a foreign language,
  • We can adjust the level and intensity of classes to the needs of each student,
  • After completing the course you will receive The School Certificate,
  • We can prepare you to Polish as a Foreign Language State Exam


PhD Magdalena Kobus – the school owner


Polish language has been my love since I can remember. I graduated from Polish Philology in June 2003 and 6 months later I started to teach Polish as a foreign language. Since then I have been constantly teaching people from the entire world. As from the first course I knew that teaching foreigners would be my professional future, I decided to broaden my knowledge in this field. In September 2013 I graduated from PhD studies, which result – in July 2015 – was my PhD thesis on teaching Polish as a foreign language.

I can speak English and basic Italian.

2008 – 2013University of Szczecin
Faculty of Philology
Phd linguistics studies
The subject of PhD thesis
Linguistic image of the Poles in contemporary textbooks for teaching Polish as a foreign language.
1998 – 2003University of Szczecin
Faculty of Humanities
Branch if study: Polish Philology
Specialities: pedagogical, librarian
1996 – 1998Stanislaw Staszic High SchoolKoszalin
1994 – 1996Stanislaw Dubois High SchoolKoszalin
1986 – 1994Primary School no. 17Koszalin
01.10.2013 – till nowSchool of Polish for Foreigners Polish Is My Love – the owner and the teacherSzczecin, Warszawa
05.01.2004 – 30.09.2013Polish language teacher at School of Polish Language and Culture for Foreigners of the University of SzczecinSzczecin
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M.Sc. Katarzyna Pawlik – the school Director/Polish language teacher


I am an alumnus in Polish Philology in Szczecin University. I graduated Polish studies in linguistics in 2012 with a very good grade. I began my work at School of Polish Language for Foreigners Polish Is My Love in November 2014. However, my adventure with teaching Polish as a foreign language began a little earlier with intensive course for a young Ukrainian girl, who wanted to study at one of universities in Szczecin. I am punctual, communicative, open to new experiences, always prepared and well organized, I try to meet the needs of my students. My level of English is B2. I took part in webinars organized by SJ Glossa concerning the methodology of teaching Polish as foreign language using Polski. Krok po kroku series. I love what I do, because my job allows me to meet new people, explore new cultures from different places of the world and it allows me to develop teaching skills and tends me to continuous self-education through my students’ inquisitiveness.

Since September 2016 I am a director of the School.


PhD Anna Szyntor-Bykowska – Polish language teacher


I started teaching Polish as a foreign language in October 2004. I completed a number of training courses in this field. I have developed my linguistic passion during PhD studies which will result in PhD thesis on the phraseological innovations in the works of Szczecin poets.

I love to learn – for more than 10 years I am Polish language teacher at School No. 18. I am also the matriculation examiner in Poznań District Examination Commission, in the field of humanistic sciences.

I can speak English.


PhD Iga Ranoszek – Polish language teacher


Polish language is my big love, hobby and job. I’m working as a teacher of Polish as a foreign language since 2 years. I am graduated from Polish Philology at University of Szczecin and currently I am preparing a linguistic doctoral thesis about cultural-linguistic aspects of Polish internet humor. My scientific interests focus on the newest Polish, new media and language culture. Privately I’m interested in art, especially modern painting and literature. I like cats and travels.

I can speak English and basic German.


M.Sc. Agnieszka Baranowska – Polish language teacher


I wanted to become a teacher since…forever. Even when I was still a primary school pupil I was convinced that I will teach math. However, with time, this subject was getting more and more difficult, and humanities turned out to be more appealing to me. And this is how I become a Polish language teacher.

Teaching it to foreigners brings me lots of joy and satisfaction, especially when I see the progress my students are making. Transferring my knowledge to others comes easily to me, and I truly enjoy doing it. In 2016 I began my PhD in literature at the University of Szczecin.

I can speak English.


M.Sc. Ewelina Piotrowska – Polish language teacher


Ever since I was four years old and learned how to read, I have never parted with books. It was thanks to my mother who awakened in my the passion for reading, which continues to this day. Therefore, it came as no surprise when I chose to major in Polish Language and Literature at the University of Szczecin in order to develop my interests even further. In 2016 I defended my BA thesis in the field of linguistics concerned with Kornel Makuszyński’s theatrical columns. Currently, I am working on my MA thesis on the play “Balladyna” by Juliusz Słowacki and one of its contemporary stagings.

I am punctual, open to people and ready to embrace new challenges. I am always happy to share my knowledge with others and that’s why I teach Polish, edit and proofread texts.

I am also interested in the culture and literature of Scandinavia as well as in alternative ways of making coffee, i.e. the Third Coffee Wave. I like to sing and I love the sea.

I can speak English.

Offer and prices

Course kind Price
Group courses (max 10 people) 60 PLN per 90 minutes lesson
Individual courses 

120 PLN per 60 minutes 

140 PLN per 90 minutes lesson

Professional work-oriented courses price to set
Group courses for companies 
 price to set

We also offer classes in Client’s office in Szczecin and in the vicinity

courses in the vicinity – price to set


Ta szkoła jest bardzo dobra. Moja nauczycielka jest bardzo miła. Ona sprawia, że wszystko mogę zrozumieć.

Polecam tę szkołę.


Thanakamol Saengphithakwong

Szkoła jest dobra, sala wygodna, lekcje są ciekawe, dobrze prowadzone i niedrogie.

Klimat sympatyczny i miła atmosfera.

Nauczycielka jest kompetentna i cierpliwa, dobrze tłumaczy przerabiany materiał.

Szkoda tylko że język jest taki trudny!

A sukces zależy też od nas.


– Giorgio Mocci, Włochy

We stayed in Szczecin for one week, learning Polish at the language school Polish is my love. Our teachers were very friendly and really well organised. All the lesson materials we were given (without any extra charges) were very useful. Our special learning wishes were integrated into the course contents. We learned a lot within this week, making progress from 0 to approx. mid-A1.


It is very nice that the school is situated in the city centre. When you are done with you lessons, you can instantly go sightseeing or shopping while practising newly learned Polish words. The school’s teachers can tell you about the most interesting buildings, monuments, and exhibitions in Szczecin – and also about cultural aspects.


Booking our class on the web was easy. Likewise, paying by credit card from abroad was no problem.


One day, we will be back at Polish is my love. Many thanks!!


Mike and Mario (Germany), 28 February 2017

tudying Polish at Polish my love was a truly enjoyable experience. Not only did I learn a lot in the classes, but I also had a lot of fun, and it was a great opportunity to meet people as a foreigner living in Szczecin. Magda is an excellent teacher. Her teaching style is very dynamic. She is clearly an expert in teaching Polish as a foreign language and this really shows. She makes a huge effort to meet her students needs, and she encourages them every step of the way. I would highly recommend Magda’s classes to anyone who wants to learn Polish.”



Nessa Daly, Ireland

Who says that learning Polish is tough? Yeah, you got all those diffeent grammar rules and at the beginning it feels like these columns of consonants are unpronounceable… but with the help of Pani Magda from Polish my love it is way easier and always good fun. I really like the atmosphere during the lessons and I appreciate that Magda considers my style of learning, too (I am the structure-loving type). Furthermore – where else to learn Polish with that stunning birds eye view over Szczecin?!


Mareike Szmidt, Germany

As a native English speaker with very little knowledge of Polish I have found Magda to be an extremely professional tutor. Thanks to her teaching skills together with modern books that she provides and on-line tutorials, I am making very good progress.

I would thoroughly recommend Polish is my love to anyone wishing to learn Polish and to more advanced Polish speakers who want to improve their grammar skills.


Neil Bloom, England

Great learning environment! Great tuition! (With a colosal amount of patience!) I am finally enjoying learning Polish. Thank you very much, Magda, for making every lesson something to look forward to and enjoy. Best regards


Paul Thomas Molyneaux, Ireland

Ania: She improved my communication and grammar skills. She gave me a lot of motivation. I followed her curriculum and I finally got 5 (A) on the exam. In my opinion, she is smart, optimistic and nice.

Magda: She is a professional teacher. She teaches me, among other things, orthography. She has an extensive knowledge and she defines and explains everything in a simple and clear way. And that makes me think. In my opinion she is helpful, qualified and wonderful.


Mohamman Akhtar, Norway

It was a great pleasure, to work with Polish is my love.


Monika Tichy, Poland

Kurs języka polskiego w Szczecinie podobał mi się bardzo. Agnieszka jest dobrą nauczycielką. Lekcje miały wysoki poziom i nigdy nie były nudne, dziękuję za to.


Mario Rubin, Germany

Already living in Poland for 8 months, learning Polish was a need to break the language barrier and feel integrated in the society. If someone is wondering about applying for it, here is my personal experience: it is not that difficult, go for it! With such experienced and dynamic teachers that you will find in the “Polish is my love” School, you will be surprised with what you can achieve in quite short time. My experience with Prof. Agnieszka was really great: very dynamic classes, amazing teaching techniques (you are really learning even without realising) and a person that makes you feel comfortable enough to have fun while learning, which is amazing!”


Miguel Tinoco, Portugal

Magda and her colleagues, are excellent teachers. Concerning Magda, she is a very dedicated teacher who truly loves and enjoys teaching. And I truly loved and enjoyed attending her classes. It can be fun but, above all, it is efficient. Polish is not an easy language and Magda is not a magician but she will certainly take you way further than any other teacher. She adapts, motivates, gives self-confidence when needed and she is honest about the work one does. That are very valuable points… She could even become a friend of yours.


Arnault Contet, France

Intensywny kurs języka polskiego dla zaawansowanych u Katarzyny był bardzo dobrze zorganizowany. Katarzyna była świetnie przygotowana, dlatego w krótkim czasie przerobiłyśmy bardzo dużo materiału. Struktura lekcji była optymalnie dostosowana do moich potrzeb. Moje oczekiwania zostały w pełni spełnione!Profesjonalne podejście mojej nauczycielki i miła atmosfera przyczyniły się do tego, że nauka była bardzo skuteczna! Mogę tylko polecić! BARDZO DZIĘKUJĘ! SERDECZNIE POZDRAWIAM!


Eva Gauza, Niemcy

I wish to thank you for giving me a flavour of the Polish language during those interesting classes!


Arent Arnout, Belgia







Polish is my love

telefon: +48 502-649-505

Pl. Orła Białego 1
piętro 2 – pokój nr 16
i piętro 3 – pokój nr 31
70-562 Szczecin